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Ways To Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Guns at home increase security and boost physical well-being by providing protection. They hone hand-eye coordination as you learn new physical skills and can provide enjoyment as a sport. However, firearms can be dangerous if not treated with the proper care and respect. Check out the following ways to keep your home and family safe with a gun in the house.

Start With the Kids

Talk to your kids about how guns can seriously hurt people, unlike what they may see in movies, TV, and video games. If they see a gun, caution them never to touch it and to immediately tell an adult about it. Introduce them to the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Gunsafe® Program, which teaches gun safety to young ones. When they’re older, enroll them in youth programs designed to provide firearms training.

Don't forget to have similar discussions with caregivers like grandparents, babysitters, or parents of your children's friends.

Secure Guns Safely

It's not enough to hide firearms in a secret location. Being naturally curious and exploratory, kids can easily ferret out your guns, which can lead to injuries and death. Keep guns unloaded and store them in a container secured by child-resistant gun locks that stay out of sight of young eyes. Additionally, store ammunition in a separate place.

When you take your gun out, keep it under your control at all times and never leave it unattended. When carrying a firearm in your car, put it in a lockable container that you can leave in your vehicle when you exit. Further, if you have visitors who bring their guns to your home, provide a locked and secured storage area for them at your home.

Consider a Gun Safe

A gun safe stands out as the most secure place that you can store a gun and is one of the best ways to keep your home and family safe. With a high-quality construction and locking system, it keeps your firearms away from children and can deter theft. It also protects your guns by keeping them dry and shields them against fire damage. Plus, you can use the safe to keep other valuables, such as jewelry or important documents, secure.

Shotlock provides an array of gun safes. Our single shotgun safe, for example, conveniently mounts on any flat service and boasts a lock that is easy and quick to use. Our Solo-Vault™ collection includes a carrying handle to make the safe portable and allows for vehicle transportation with cable holes.

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