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As a firearms owner you probably own more than one. Shooting is something you love to do, and each firearm you own has a specific purpose, and a place.

FIREARMS IN THE HOUSE: Also as a firearms owner, you are likely to want to keep one or more of your firearms close at hand in your home for the sake of protection for yourself or your family. It is of the utmost importance that you safely and securely store your firearm, whether it will be used for home defense or sport. You have a moral and legal obligation to keep your firearms safe and secure. This is not an option, period. We’ve all seen the news stories about someone who obtained access to a firearm, often in their very own home, who had

no business having a firearm in their hands, and nothing good ever comes of it.


If your home defense firearm of choice is a shotgun, you may have already explored the options for keeping a shotgun in a convenient spot, a spot which provides you quick access when you need it, but is also secure. The problem is, there aren’t many satisfactory options. Consider this: trigger locks may be the most common way to safely store your shotgun at home. But they don’t offer quick access, and don’t protect against theft. Another option: a full size gun safe. They are big, cumbersome, and chances are you have yours in a remote area in your house which prevents quick access. Depending on the lock option, it can also be very difficult to access under duress. Some friends may tell you to put it behind your door, but that quite frankly is a bad idea, and leaves you and your loved ones vulnerable.


For these very reasons, the ShotLock Shotgun Solo-Vault was born. Designed

to hold a single shotgun, it is the only vault of its kind that provides a never before seen combination of quick access, security, and safety. It features 14 gauge military grade steel construction, and can be mounted to any wall, door, or flat surface. The lock, a

valuable in mechanical or electronic, provides the ability to customize your combination allowing you to remember your combination in the stress of an emergency. In addition to the quick access push button combination, a key override is also provided in case your combination should ever become lost. Expanding upon our groundbreaking Shotgun Solo-Vault concept, we have introduced Solo-Vaults for handguns, pistols, and ARs. Each Solo-Vault shares the above features, with the only differences being lock and key options.

So now, you can keep your home defense firearm of choice anywhere, for safety’s sake. A ShotLock is the perfect solution to keep your firearm close, secure, and ready.   

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Dec 23, 2023

Owning a firearm comes with a great responsibility, and part of that responsibility is ensuring it's secure. Shoutout to the Locksmith Myrtle Beach company for their commitment to providing reliable and effective solutions, allowing gun owners like me to keep our firearms close and secure at all times.

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