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ShotLock, Inc. guarantees to the original purchaser that the ShotLock Solo-Vault is free from defects in material and workmanship for a period specific by product type from the date of purchase. If the nature of your return pertains to a warranty issue, please rewview the warranty page for more information.

ShotLock, Inc. does not accept returns, with the exception that the incorrect product was shipped, and that the incorrectly shipped product is unopened and unused and is not missing any parts or accessories originally included with the ShotLock.

If you qualify for a return, below is the process for requesting a refund:

  • Obtain an RMA number from Customer Service (1-800-852-0400) in advance. Returns will not be accepted without a prior RMA number.

  • ShotLock will provide a return shipping label at ShotLock's expense.

  • ShotLock must receive and inspect the unit being returned before any replacement is shipped. Replacement shipping will also be at ShotLock's expense.


Please allow 2-6 weeks for the return process to be completed.

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