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A Quick Guide to Different Types of Shotguns

A Quick Guide to Different Types of Shotguns

Shotguns are effective short-range weapons that you can use for sport or in-home defense. The very first shotgun dates back to the 16th century in England, when aristocrats used it primarily for hunting birds. This quick guide to different types of shotguns will provide you with the information you need to decide which one is the best fit for you and your hobbies and intentions.

Break-Action Shotgun

You’ve probably seen these quintessential break-action shotguns if you’re an old Western movie buff. A hinge at the gun’s breach opens for easy insertion of cartridges and shotshells. You’ll need to reopen the hinge before every new shot to dispense the spent shell before you can reinsert a new one.

In-home defense may not be the most practical use for this type of shotgun. In times of distress, the gun can be difficult to reload. However, it’s popular among hunters who value the traditional aspect of a break-action shotgun.

Pump Shotgun

The most common shotgun among the three we talk about here is the pump shotgun. Many people love this gun for its reliability, ease of use, and low cost compared to its counterparts. You’ll need to reload ammunition manually, but a few different pump shotguns can hold multiple rounds of shotshells.

You still need to pump the shotgun to ready the ammunition in the magazine tube; the firearm’s reliability is impeccable because the process is entirely done manually. However, installing automatic components compromises the gun’s reliability; in fact, it’s not a safe idea. Many people choose this gun for small-game hunting or for sport such as trap shooting.

Semiautomatic Shotgun

The semiautomatic shotgun is increasing in popularity because of its improvement in reliability. This gun can automatically load the next shell in the magazine tube after a shot is fired. The weapon can still shoot only one bullet at a time, but it will shoot as quickly as you can pull the trigger.

The higher magazine capacity and the lack of need to pump the gun make it a bit more expensive. However, this gun is perfect for in-home self-defense, and it easily rests in our quick-access shotgun safe for safe storage and easy access when you need the gun in crucial situations.

Think about your needs and the use of each type of shotgun before making a purchase. This quick guide to different types of shotguns should provide you with the correct information to help you decide which shotgun is best for you. This widely popular gun has multiple uses, and it’s one of the best in-home defense weapons you could have.

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