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Gun Safety Equipment


ShotLock AR Solo-Vault in a TruckVault

Our selection of secure gun safety equipment for sale comes second to none. Even though regular gun owners should always practice safe firearm use, taking every necessary precaution is equally as important for the brave people who work in public safety. Handling firearms correctly is only one aspect of firearm safety—storing them correctly is another entirely. But to correctly lock away firearms without losing the ability to access them in a pinch, departments need to supply their employees with reliable and easy-to-use gun safety equipment.

ShotLock is proud to be the number one choice of many of these departments nationwide for their public safety equipment needs. We offer discounts for individual orders as well as tiered pricing programs for larger businesses.

ShotLock can provide firearm safety equipment solutions for:

  • Your fleet of vehicles

  • Quick response accessibility

  • Off duty security for department issued firearms

  • Two step security requirements


If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us to speak to a government sales representative by either calling 1-800-852-0400, e-mailing, or filling out the form below:

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