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The Best Guns To Consider for Women Living Alone

The Best Guns To Consider for Women Living Alone

With every passing year, the world around us feels less and less safe. This is even more true if you’re a woman living on her own. If you find yourself in such a situation and would like to feel safer, one solution is to purchase a gun. If you know nothing about firearms, there’s no need to worry. You’ve come to the right place. we’ve put together a short list of some of the best guns to consider for women living alone.


One of the top recommendations is a revolver. It’s the most reliable type on this list and it’s easy to operate and clean.

The revolver doesn’t come without its downsides, though. It only holds six rounds at a time and takes a while to reload. Depending on the model, the trigger might be harder to pull as well, and most don’t have a safety built-in.

Semi-Auto Pistol

The semi-automatic pistol is a popular choice among women these days. This is because it negates a lot of the problems revolvers have. For instance, it has a larger ammo capacity compared to the revolver. It’s easier to shoot and smaller and lighter. They’re also easier to reload as long as you buy some extra magazines.

Of course, due to their complexity, semi-automatic pistols are trickier to clean and have a higher chance of jamming. Fortunately, if they do jam up, they’re easy to fix. The learning curve for using one is a bit high—but that’s nothing some YouTube tutorials and time at the range can’t fix.

Small-Caliber AR

For our final suggestion, we’re going to give one that’s not as commonly recommended for women: a small-caliber assault rifle. While their size is intimidating, as long as the rounds used are small, the recoil won’t be too difficult to manage. Plus, because users can put both hands firmly on the weapon, it’s more accurate when it’s being fired. Other than that, it has the same pros and cons as any other semi-automatic pistol.

Some Accessories You Should Buy

Now that you know what the best guns to consider for women living alone are, here are some accessories you should buy. Start with a few boxes of bullets so you can get some practice in at the range. Get a cleaning kit and a case. If you end up choosing a handgun, our single pistol gun safe will be perfect for you. They’re small and easy to hide while still being simple to open in case of an emergency.

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