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AR Basics: How To Safely Use and Store an AR

AR Basics: How To Safely Use and Store an AR

Home security starts with complete safety and compliance with all rifle training practices. Storing any rifle at home—regardless of the model—requires taking additional safety measures on your part. In fact, the National Rifle Association highly advises this, and we’re going to cover everything you need to know about responsible AR storage below.

AR Basics: How To Safely Use and Store an AR

An assault rifle (or AR) is just like any other rifle you’d use for single-home security and protection of your family. If you have a military background, owning an AR will be second nature. On the other hand, if you’re a first-time owner of any AR platform rifle, you’ll likely need to complete many hours of learning how to clean, assemble, and operate your AR model. However, storing it will require additional care.

Prioritize Higher Protection

Most rifle owners who are used to AR models will be more cautious about placing their home defense weapons onto standard rifle hangers. However, many less experienced owners may store their ARs under beds or in their closets. This might be convenient at a time when you need to defend and protect, but this isn’t sufficient enough for keeping your AR out of others’ reach.

One practical solution for how to safely use and store an AR in your home is a special rifle storage case. You can easily mount this on a wall, out of sight and off the ground. Additionally, this solution can prevent children or other family members from accidentally gaining access to your firearm. These special storage cases even allow you to store any AR model vertically or horizontally. Push-button combination locks give you faster access to your AR.

We hope our insight can aid you in holding yourself accountable in safe gun ownership. To ensure you store your AR properly, don’t hesitate to buy a secure storage solution through ShotLock. In addition to our handgun and shotgun safes, we also offer an AR-15 locking wall mount. For more information regarding this particular product, contact us today.

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