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In 2010, the founders of ShotLock identified a need in the market for a product that would secure a single home defense pump shotgun in the home. The need to store it in a manner that provided secure, yet quick access was the paramount drive over simply leaving it behind a closet door, under a bed or otherwise unsecured. Having identified the need, research, design, and engineering ensued and a new category of secure firearm storage was born - the Solo-Vault™.

The first ShotLock Solo-Vault™ went into production and was delivered in May of 2010. This unique yet easy-to-use design was a hit in the market due to its competitive price point and well-built characteristics. Realizing that the potential for the Solo-Vault design had mass market appeal beyond the scope of shotguns, it wasn’t long before a Solo-Vault was designed for small conceal carry and full size handguns.

ShotLock was born because of a passion for the firearm industry, gun safety, and the belief in home security peace of mind. A ShotLock Solo-Vault™ gun safe provides that peace of mind by keeping your home defense shotgun, handgun, or AR platform rifle secure from theft; close for when you need it most; and perhaps most importantly, safe from the ones you love who may not yet be ready to handle a firearm.


ShotLock products provide premium in-home security solutions for your personal home defense or sporting firearm. Our emphasis on quality, value, and customer service assures our customers the best firearm security device on the market.

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